Ashes fall from the sky onto a barren land. Dreams have disappeared from human consciousness.

Eva trusts no one and relies only on herself to survive. An encounter with a Seer who foretold death unless she sticks to a mysterious man wearing a forbidden color and a run-in with Marauders that left her for dead forced her to rethink her belief. Like fire to wood, Eva would consume this man’s good fortune and avoid further calamity. The problem is she begins to fall for him.

Ainsley holds a secret he may not fully understand. One thing is certain however—the religious zealots called the Guardians want him dead for it. He has a missing friend he has to find, and now, he has a strange companion whom he couldn’t get rid of no matter how he tries. But when he is at risk of losing her forever, Ainsley realizes what he must do to save her and the world.

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