About the Artist

Simple. Art. Simply Art.

Art is purely about expression. When too much is present in a piece, it detracts the viewer from admiring its true essence. It is from this philosophy that Jimmy frames and captures his images. Whether they are interesting objects of antiquity in far off exotic locations, beautiful landscapes, or mundane every day items, arranged in a new way to tell a story.

Always an artist at heart, Jimmy found a day-to-day existence slaving away at an office over things that are unimportant, playing politics with people who are uninteresting, and working toward goals that are pedestrian not to be consistent with what ultimately makes him happy. To break-free of this constraint, he finds freedom in art. He is an avid writer, amateur pianist, and master purveyor of the sublime.

Another theme found within Jimmy’s aesthetics is the constant reminder of the transient. Nothing remains constant, and beauty lies in the moment.

Art, in all its myriad of forms, is nothing more than a way for humans to express what is inexpressible and share what is most intimate.